Small Group Leader Expectations


We expect leaders to live out Jesus’ call to love God and love our neighbors. The following are natural characteristics flowing out of a life filled with this kind of love. Though none of us are perfect, this is the way of life we hope our leaders will pursue and model for their group members.


  1. Care for yourself spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  2. Continually practice spiritual disciplines and experience intimacy with God.
  3. Participate regularly in Sunday morning worship at Bright City.
  4. Pursue growth as a spiritual caregiver. This is a Pastoral/Shepherding type of giftedness and includes things such as teaching, guiding, protecting, nurturing, people-centeredness, patience, and other gifts.
  5. Pursue continual growth as a discussion facilitator. This skill set involves listening, drawing people into discussion, valuing diverse thoughts, redirecting conversations, discerning truth, and other skills.
  6. Affirm your group members as they grow and take note of who may be gifted and skilled for small group leadership.
  7. Communicate with the Small Groups Director and participate in leader training as needed.
  8. Affirm the Bright City Church Statement of Faith (Found here).
  9. Commit to not engaging in illegal or criminal action.
  10. Commit to honor scripture’s vision of sex, which God designed for the context of marriage.
  11. Commit to abstaining from excessive consumption of alcohol.
  12. Commit to being wise about your social media use by:
    1. posting content that builds your credibility as a leader
    2. abstaining from name-calling, divisiveness, foul language
    3. not posting inappropriate material